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Spending time understanding GOLLVM

6 minute read

Why this blog? Well, hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing great, so after my first blog on exploring and trying to understand LLVM-IR, which was basical...

Trying to fit that x64 in one

17 minute read

Why this guide? A few days ago prior my college exams, I decided to make personal notes for x64 assembly, although I did, thought to make a small blog on al...

A Journey to understand LLVM-IR!

31 minute read

Why trying to understand LLVM-IR So, a few days ago I saw some tweet saying about Reversing a Rust binary claiming it as a pretty tedious task, indeed it ...

Who are we?

less than 1 minute read

Undevs is a small group made by two uni students who do programming and reverse engineering.